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Mc Kinon

Functionalism (top-bottom) people are like robots who do what social structure tell them to do Social solidarity Eualibriliam Macro structure social structure Durkhem re introduce social solidarity; bring back social solidarity by creating associations for workers, emploers and professions Great Depression 10 years- poverty, violence, social theoriest: we have understand that how can we bring back social acculibraibeam and functionalist become popular during this time and for 30 years One of the famous theorist- Tellaart Carson; he identify family as a key for social solidarity; for uniting people; education is important as well as religion Durken believe religion unites people Robert Murten influence by Durhem, Parsons student, funictionist; he took functionist in 8 different directions, he thought that functionist more complicated just because something exist doesnt mean to say functional Religious conflicts-some time religion can be dysfunctional He also introduce us to manifest (visible and intendent)and laten(unintendent) Unintendent-fasion; fashionable and unfashionable Conflict Theory Different from Fuctionalism Society are donimint by conflict Macro; classes, social classes and how class relates to each other Ex. Wealthy classes will dominate poor classes, Power struggle To eliminate domination Mao in China try to conduct a cultural revolution try to bring about equality in China
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