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This is a MATCHING exercise in which concepts are listed down the left-hand side of the page and scrambled definitions down the right-hand side. The purpose is to match EACH scrambled definition with EACH CORRECT concept. To do so, simply write the NUMBER of the definition you select beside the appropriate concept on ANSWER SHEETA. MICHELS 1. An oath of silence taken by mob members. LEGALMONOPOLY 2. The Rich get Richer and the Poor Get Prison. SOCIALSLIDERS 3. Information is now sent independently of the movement of people. STATUSAND RANK 4. The iron law of oligarchy. REPLACEABILITY 5. It’s part of civil society. J. REIMAN 6. Organized crime is bureaucratically organized. LEGITIMACY 7. Skilled tradesman and electrician. PLURALIST THEORY 8. People are not defined as deviant unless caught and convicted. MASS MEDIA 9. Physicians use this as a form of power. DULLCONTINUITY 10. Panopticon or electronic surveillance is part of this. AMELIAEARHART 11. Some justify the functional importance of occupations on this score. MORSE CODE 12. Biological explanations of crime are relevant here. FREE TRADE 13. Downward intergenerational mobility. LEAN PRODUCTION 14. When power is transformed into authority. ARGOT
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