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Stratification Sociology Chapter 8: Stratification notesCompass) Patterns of Inequality Shipwrecks and Inequality: N Shipwrecks= literary devices used by writers and filmmakers to emphasise points on social inequality N Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe (1719) o One of the first writes to portray work ethic of capitalism favourably. o Believed people get rich if they possess the virtues of good business ppl and stay poor if Z}L[: N Swept Away (1974) Opposite View o Do not have to work hard to be rich can inherit $ o ,}l}ZL[oZKl}] Z o Something about the structure of society causes inequality o Inequality has many interrelated dimensions (class, sex, race) and different contexts highlight diff conditions of power and exploitation N Titanic = American perspective: o At one level: Class levels are impt. (ex: 1 class vs. 3 class living conditions) st Priority goes to 1 class people for few available lifeboats o Young lovers cross class divisions for love Focus Questions: 1) What are the sources of social inequality? 2) Do determination, industry, and ingenuity shape the distribution of advantages and disadvantages in society? 3) Do certain patterns of social relations underlie and shape that distribution? 4) Does social inequality still have big consequences for the way we live? 5) Can people overcome or reduce inequality in society? If so, how? Economic Inequality in Canada: N Organ donation: o Global organ shortage has encouraged sale of organs especially in India o People selling body parts = poor (even in Canada) & people buying body parts= rich o BUT, poor people are more likely to suffer illnesses and are less likely to be offered transplant opportunities Not enough private insurance to cover transplant expenses (esp in states) o Wealthy people frequently travel to foreign countries w. their surgeons to help them prolong their life w the use of various body parts N Materialism: satisfying needs by buying products or experiences (defined characteristic in modern societies) www.notesolution.comStratification Sociology N Economic prosperity in Canada = - N Avg. earningsin Canadian households : after WWII o ? the purchasing power of families :bc economic productivity was enhanced by improvemeLZ]L}l[ZZl]ooZLL Z]L ZL}o}2]ZZ}} ]}L o Economic downturn began around 1973 o oL]L2ZE }}K]L[ZL[Z ? demand for reduced taxes People working harder and longer but incomes have not grown proportionately Most families= dual-income but buying a house and owning more of it that the govt. = challenge N Economic prosperity & the benefits of materialism are not equally shared N One end of the spectrum: lines for food banks, poverty of some rural farmers, used clothes, baloney, lack of hygiene, despair & depression o But at the same time world of booze, illicit sex, welfare, cheats, laziness, and deceit N Other end of spectrum: richest neighbourhood w luxuries. World of multimillion $ homes, indoor swimming pools, outdoor tennis courts, high security systems, brand named items etc. Language & lifestyle brand names, caviar, spoiled poodles, ambition & success. o At the same time, world of idle richness, misbegotten inheritance, greedy property owners, fraud, and deceit. N Majority live bw these 2 extremes. Questions: 1) How do we measure inequality that falls bw these 2 extremes? 2) How do we understand fluctuations or variations around this average? How have they changed? 3) Is economic inequality growing or shrinking?? N Income inequality = lowest in Sweden and highest in states (Canada is in bw) N Income inequality has widened in most rich countries over the past few decades but hardly by any in Canada. N LL } LZ^oZ_ o Taking from the rich to give to the poor. o Govt. redirects some income from the top quintile to o quintiles. Explanations of Income Inequality: N Income inequality related to what kind of job a person holds N Some people have talents that let them be famous which involve : salaries o Jarome Iginla (Hockey) o Victoria Bertram (Ballet) o Ben Heppner (Opera) Talented Canadians w substantial incomes o Lorie Kane (golf) o Shania Twain (pop music)
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