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Mc Kinon

Chapter 15: Families Nuclear family consists of man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child. There has been a decline of this family Traditional Nuclear family is a nuclear family in which the husband works outside of home for money and wife works without payment at home This can also be referred to as a decline of this family The husband become the primary provider and ultimate authority There has been a great decline in the percentage of nuclear families in Canada th In the second half of the 20 century women between the ages 15-64 in paid labour has increased from 25 to 71 percent Some sociologist (functionalists) argue that: There has been a decreased of married-couple family and a rise of working mother Consider this a disaster Rising rate of crime, illegal drug use, poverty and welfare dependency is because Can children not being raised in a two parent home. They want to make it harder to get divorce and focus on family responsibility over individual happiness Other Sociologists (influenced by conflict and feminist theories) Disagree with the functionalist assessment st 1 : They dont think the family is of one form. Families have been structured in different ways, and forms have increased with new social pressures 2 . It doesnt deteriorate individual life but has improved the way people live They believe that economic and political reforms such as Nationwide daycare system can eliminate the negative effects of single-parent households FUNCTIONALISM AND THE NUCLEAR IDEAL Functional Theory Polygony- expands nuclear unit by adding one or more spouses (wives mostly). Permitted mostly in countries like Africa and Asia. (expands horizontally) Extended Family- expands by adding another generation-one or more of the spouses parents. These used to be common throughout the world. The building block of polygony and extended family is the NUCLEAR UNIT. www.notesolution.com
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