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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mc Kinon

At A Slaughterhouse Some Things Never Die Charlie LeDuff Employers at the Smithfield slaughterhouse, effectively use racist strategies, such as enforcing a racial hierarchy within workers and exploiting racial tensionsamongst then to maintain an economic advantage and social control SEGREGATED GROUPS - At work racial groups are segregated by employers, employees are then segregated by choice in their communities, at the lunchroom and away from work. Blacks: Do the Dirty Jobs, Work the kill floor Mexicans: Do the Dirty Jobs, work the cut floor Whites: Mostly are mechanics and supervisors, Do clean Jobs American Indians: Are Supervisors, Do clean Jobs Their jobs rely on each other, when one group is working too slow it slows down the whole process and angers other groups. Blacks kill the animals first, Mexicans cut them, and packaging is a cleaner job, all the while groups are being supervised by whites. This increases racial tension. Stereotypes are also at large at the plants , Z9^o lZoL}L[o]l}}l_ Mercedes: N A Mexican who works the p
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