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DYING ALONE: The Social Production of Urban Isolation Eric Klineberg - Examination of how age, poverty and urban isolation led to an excess of death among the elderly during the July 1995v Chicago Heat wave... N Social isolation resulted in an increased likelihood of death N Process of dying is collective, and should be shared with loved ones o Therefore dying alone = a symbol of social abandonment and failure Living Alone: residing without other people in the household Being isolated: having limited social ties Being reclusive: largely confining oneself to ones household Being lonely: the subjective state of feeling alone Four things add to an increase of socially isolated people... 1. Ageing of urban populations especially Blacks, Latinos and Asians N Elderly populations are most likely to be isolated from society N They have limited mobility that makes it harder for them to get around and make social ties 2. Fear of Crime stemming from the actual and perceived violence of everyday life N People are more afraid of going out (especially the ones in poor neighbourhoods) because they see witness crime a
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