SOCA01H3 : lecture note

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15 Dec 2010

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It has gradually eroded and become more about ourselves. Independent women- birth control pills- women control fertility. Gap- husband and wife who"s going to have the primary career. Dual career couples- most likely will do 50/50 housework. They both work and have good paying jobs. Have to spend more time on intimacy and trust. People lack time and energy on doing so. Passion doesn"t need to be worked on, it"s already there. Divorce is common among young people because of romantic love is intense and it falls quickly. Younger people with financial hardship more than older. Lower ses are more likely to get divorced. Ses relates to social status, measured by income. Shotgun marriage- daughter becomes pregnant, father gets shotgun and goes to boyfriend and forces marriage. Alcohol and substance abuse- most dangerous drug is alcohol, more than heroin and cocaine. They looked at damage to self and others.

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