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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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2006 Census
-1.2 million aboriginal people
-26% live on reserves. They receive governm ent subsidies
-male income for reserve Indians= $30 045. For non reserve $41 984
-women reserves $28 000 non reserve $33 000
-off reserve, higher educational achievement; lower unemployment
-it is the total way of life to some certain people.
Origins of Culture:
-production: human capacity to make and use tools, and thereby improve our ability to take what we want
from nature
-material objects, materialistic culture: comprised of tools, and techniques that enable people to get tasks
accomplished, symbolic culture
Social Predictability
You can infer culture. Central value in modern society is education. It gets you prestige and a job where
you can be creative. You can predict behaviour in a culture, with high accuracy. Behaviour follows
specific pattern, you can identify patterns because they will reoccur with a high predictability. This is
called reoccurrence.
Eg. You can predict that the subway downtown is going to busy and hectic. It reoccurs again.
Culture is most pervasious (sp.?) freedom and constraint. Culture can constrain our freedom.
Culture increases our freedom:
-globalization (we can migrate, travel)
Culture constrains us:
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