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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 1 Crime in CanadaPsychology of Criminal Behaviour A Canadian Perspective CHAPTER 1 Crime in Canada MULTIPLE CHOICE1 The preferred model of criminal psychology ascribed to in this text is thea Forensic model b Strain theory model c Correctional psychology model d Offender modelAnswercDifficulty Moderate Page5 SkillRecall2 What percent of Canadians believe more money should be spent on the criminal justice system a 10 b 44 c 77 d 90AnswerbDifficulty Moderate Page3 SkillRecall3 With respect to how Canadians rate different sources of information on their perceptions of crime which of the following is true a government information has a large influence b TV News has the largest influence c academic contributions have the largest influence d friends and family have a very small influence Answerb DifficultyModerate Page4 SkillRecall4 Variations in criminal conduct within an individual across time are considered to be a interindividual differences b intragroup differences c intraindividual difference d intergroup differencesAnswerc Difficulty Easy Page 4 Skill Recall5 In accordance with the agecrime curve Joseph will likely a engage in more criminal behavior as he gets older b engage in more violent crime as he gets older c engage in less overall criminal behavior as he ages d engages other criminals in his crimes as he agesAnswerc Difficulty Moderate Page 5 Skill Applied Copyright2011 Pearson Canada Inc 1
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