SOCA02H3 Midterm: Chapter 13- Work- MIDTERM including lecture, textbook, and selected terms notes.

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20 Jun 2012

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Ideology manchesturism laissez faire - leave the markets alone, don"t interefere. Medium of exchange- when you have exchange, money is involved. In-kind exchanges- exchanges were in-kind exchanges- governed by customary equivalence means ex. a bushel of wheat is five chickens. Commodity- labour commodities land this is why we go into labour markets as a career. Staples irish potato famine- 1850 irish depend on the potato. raw materials aka staples, or manufacturing. Welland, trent, and rideau canals- canada engaged in mega transportation projects. Division of labour- more specialized work, thus more division in labour. adam smith wealth of nation book smith talks about the manufacturing of pins/needles this is in 18th century scotland. Species being- marx- new form of work doesn"t allow people to achieve, creative flavour. Intrinsic gratification- work should be performed for its own sake. The work in itself is rewarding and fulfilling, it gives people the sense of intrinsic gratification of working.

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