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SOCB42H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Alexis De Tocqueville

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Dan Silver
Study Guide

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Tutorial 7
Final Exam Information
Major focus on Tocqueville
1. Who said the quote?
democracy is Tocqueville for example
lower classes vs upper classes
democracy is peculiar
France and democracy
dispositions that separate animals from humans - being smart and moral
dispositions push us to better our conditions
2. Conceptual Definitions
3. definition (1-2 sentences), example, significance or why its important
1-2 Marx, Smith, Comte
3 Tocqueville
4. How all 4 think about the common topics
conceive and define modernity
challenges that societies have to overcome to create an optimal society
Number one challenge and danger associated with democracy (p. 254)
tyranny of the majority
majority's interest is far above the interests of individuals
public opinions is authentic and therefore has a more moral force
aristocracy = rigid roles, what you're essentially born into ---- democracy = fluid, be
whatever you want
majority can use its strength to be used to overpower minorities (the rise of
newspapers, communication and voluntary associations so that everyone has a voice -
along with the rise of municipalities in smaller states)
this is dangerous, that why unions are formed
4 key factors
1. conformism : how status is made
2. mediocrity : hard to stand out, a result of conforming
3. short-sighted leaders : leaders that only look into the near future,
4. emergence of politics of resentment/envy : people may become envious of leaders
dangers of passion in individualism generates indifference
melancholy creates boredom which in turn creates anxiety - average living standards go up
and it constantly creates anxiety
the idea of skepticism
Cultural Consequences of Democracy for Religion
the idea of skepticism
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