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National Security as Moral Regulation ARTICLE

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Joe Hermer

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National Security as Moral Regulation Making the Normal and the Deviant In the Security campaigns against gay men and lesbiansKinsman This chapter focuses on the moral regulation organized through the antihomosexual national security campaigns in the 1950s and 60s in Cold War CanadaMoral regulation can be seen as the institutions discourses and practices making the normal and the moral normalizing only certain ways of living Making the heterosexuality as the moral national safe and normal sexuality while gay and lesbian sexualities were made into the immoral risky and deviant This marking has a legacy in our historical present against lesbians gay men and bisexualsDuring the 1950s an 60s homosexuals lost their jobs in the public service and the militaryas the RCMP collected the names of close the 9000 suspected lesbians and gay men by 1968Pressuring gay men to inform on other homosexualsmany were followed photographed and spied uponThe Canadian guv even funded research into the detection of homosexuality known as the fruit machine for more than four yearsTo this day closeted homosexuals can be denied security clearances with the argument that they have sometime to hide and therefore are vulnerable to blackmail and are a security risk The moralization and normalization of sexualityMary Douglas argues that nothing is more transmitted by a social process of learning than sexual behaviour and this of course is closely related to morality normals and taboos producing a natural order around which life comes to be organizedSeparating the normal from the ambiguous Any challenge to this boundaries by deviant behaviour leads to the mobilization of social fear and anxietyMoral regulation covers a much broader terrain than that of the sexual including non sexual practices such as alcohol drug use gambling and crimeThe making or the moral and the immoralthe right and wrong ways to livehas its roots in absolutist church ideologies thThe new terrain of sexuality came o be defined in the 19 cent as an essential instinct or drive that defined ppls activities and began to become the truth of ppls beingsForms of sexual resistance were generated by groups of people actively sexing new social spaces in order to meet their erotic needs The response to these forms of policing and new forms of scientific knowledge was the emergence of difference and oppositional erotic cultures that would eventually be called homosexual gay and lesbianOffences in Canada were referred to a s offences against morality until they were moved into a new section called sexual offences in the late 1950s this moralization o the sexual continues even after
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