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20 Apr 2012

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kathie somethings civil society looks at how anti racism is manifested in civil society, in movements, in
institutions nad intereset groups.
looks at how these movements manifest themselves.
she starts by outlining how globalization fits the topics shes getting at : globalization ahs expanded (our
consciousness of ourselves) because of it we look at our selves more... we also look at other people and
see other people are different from who we are. but were also aware of other people around us
globalization stabilizies , it also controles countries. because ofi t traidtional GOVT entity has reached a
position where our perception of them has lost, weve lost faith in what govt represents. that speaks to
this lack and loss of controle that govt institutions are now facing. policing ourselves.
if ur anti racist movement or grassroot movement? in the past u wud have g=focued on how u get the
govt to change policies and thigns ut hink are agianst the idea of ourselves.
now if ur that anti racist group/movement/actor, your now looking past the govt, your lookking at
biggger global, INTL institutions for power and use those past the govt institution to create alleiances,
pressuring the govt to take change.
anti racism it self is not something that u can tie down.. because people who experience racism,
experience it differently.. she
she tlaked about anti fascism came into its being in britain between the 30s and the 50s.
WW2, hitler. she talked about the idea that problem with anti fascismm... anti racism formed by anti
facism it was limited in its abilities coudlnt have a huge movement at that point. in terms of
representation in the 60s moving forward, the campaign against racial discrimination, it played a pivotal
role in creating a base for the activists.
HOW DO PEOPLE RESIST: inrelation to a motive of opression. gender based opression . domiinant
resisting to ideas.resistsnce happens in every day lives.
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