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Alejandro Paz

March142011 J IEEB01 N The issue hybrids- relate to notions of monsters.. people classify for cognition of efficancy- hybrid in gerenarl are hard to classify(monsters) N Allison- the ways in which Japenes Toy Culture.. kind of response and expersion to the world N Has sci & tech J role and dominant the human(modern time- machine swallows the human) relationship to worker to machine.. enescapble N The term human- kind of perecipate.. Marx-captialist dersire for surplus .. in all these representation oppressive power over sci and tech.. and non-human defines the human( human not having control-instead machine have control therefor this monsterous) N Latour- the way representing non human opressin humanLthis means we are animating human- anthromophosimin the human... society-sci..ex: the door the easiest to understand- taking us back to moment historically techn seems less opressevie to us... arguing human society deligating to sci and tec.. the inversion of the resltion of human non human N 1) Fou,Max,La,Chap---inversion of the natural heiarchy humannonhuman ( oppressive) ... anothromphismLenbuing the human with hiearch 3)we start with us it hard to see how sci& tech work.. wee something humanity- it seems oppressive wen sci &tech.. therefore his hybrid N We have always been hybrids or hybrity is purity N MOnstersssssssssss: N Munk- figure of calf J to show how monsterous- it becomes the path of the unholy (wrong path) N 92:_K}LZ}Z]ZKL::]2:: }ZK}2Z_}ZZ}]2LZ]L2Z]ZK}LZ
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