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Study Chart of all theories

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Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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FEMINIST THEORIES Theory Liberal Radical Marxistsocialis Psychological Po-Mo & Po-co Eco-fem t queer theory Human Rationalautonomo Human is Human Structured Identity is Global Humans are nature us agent inherently labouring psychologicall fluid (ever understandi defined by gendered animal y changing) ng of human the Self-interested and ecosystem. have free will Gendered We are defined Sigmund No fixed Human is behaviours, by what we Freud says: nature defined by Individuals are roles, scripts, produce human is born social isolated identities are with a basic Born within experiences written on bodies We meet our psychological a web of Individuals are self basic needs by structure linguistic, Heterogeneo conscious Men and women basic cultural and us body of are essentially productive ** ego tries to social scholarly The human can be different abilities stabilize id relations work abstracted and superego Interests of in humans Human Pays men and beings are attention to women are not rational and discourse crucially self- and ideology different interested of with stable colonialism What divides and coherent us is class not ideas Rejects gender universalist and unitary conceptions of human nature Women Interested in career Not an inferior Socially ** Freud: the Women No universal Closer to path sex productive sexual life of create real- def of nature person adult women life power womanhood
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