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Equal opportunities for all genders vs. equity equity: not treating people the same but in the end creating for justice. The radical idea that women are people. The fight against systematic patriarchal (men dominance) oppression. Stereotypes include: man hater, women are better than men. Everything is political (not people who are elected, but anything that is about the exercise about power) for example, the bed time stories we tell our kids are political. Gender relations (global sense) are way more complicated than what diplomats do. We need to look at how different groups of oppressed people can learn from each other. Exercising a feminist curiosity: there are questions of what is natural and what no one else is asking. looking through a feminist lens and asking questions during readings, essay writing and classes. And you are also not criticizing it just means you are asking questions. Don"t just give your opinion (make a argument and back it up).

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