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University of Toronto St. George

ANA 301S – MULTIPLE CHOICE JANUARY 26, 2009 FORM B Time: 50 minutes. Value: THIS EXAMINATION IS WORTH 25% OF YOUR FINAL MARK IN ANA 301S INSTRUCTIONS: ___________________________________________________________________ 1. Print and code your student number and name in the spaces provided on the computer sheet. Code surname first, beginning in the first column – be sure you code your name and student number. 2. Make sure that you have appropriately filled in the little box to indicate which exam you wrote – either A, B, C, or D. 3. All answers must be marked by an ordinary HB pencil. Fill in the appropriate space completely and darkly. You may erase an incorrect answer, but do so completely. 4. For each question, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. All questions are of equal value. There is only one appropriate answer to each question. 5. Excluding the cover page, there are 8 pages of questions. Please check that all pages are present before starting the examination. NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED BY THE INVIGILATORS DURING THE EXAMINATION . 1. Select the incorrect statement regarding the role of testicular temperature in spermatogenesis. A. Contraction of the cremaster muscle will eventually lead to an increase in testicular temperature. B. The contraction of the dartos muscle of the scrotum will eventually lead to a decrease in testicular temperature. C. Blood entering the pampiniform plexus of veins from the testicle is typically cooler than the blood flowing to the testicle in the testicular artery. D. The function of the testicle is more likely to be adversely affected by temperatures near core body temperature than is the function of the ovary. E. Elevated testicular temperatures are associated with elevated numbers of abnormal-looking spermatozoa. 2. Select the one best completion. The most common cause of infertility in females is .. .. .. A. endometriosis B. sperm isoimmunity C. obstructions of the uterine tubes. D. absence of a sex chromosome (Turner’s syndrome). E. hostile cervical mucus. 3. Select the one correct statement about the development of the primitive streak. A. Hensen’s node (primitive knot or primitive pit) is a part of the primitive streak that appears during the third week of development. B. During the 5thweek of development the primitive streak is forming tissues that will contribute to the development of the head and neck. C. The primitive streak normally continues to function until the end of the embryonic period. D. During gastrulation the ectoderm migrates through the primitive streak to form the mesoderm and the endoderm. E. The primitive streak develops in the head of the bilaminar embryo. 1 4. Select the incorrect statement. A. Sperm cells are capable of completing the process of meiosis much more quickly than oocytes. B. Sperm cells appear to remain viable in the female reproductive tract for a longer time than the oocyte does once it has been ovulated. C. About 10 in 100 spermatozoa have a structural defect and about in 2 in 100 oocytes have an abnormal number of chromosomes. D. Spermatozoa bind first to a glycoprotein molecule in the zona pellucida and then to an integrin molecule in the membrane of the secondary oocyte. E. Sperm cells normally have less difficulty entering into the uterus in the period around the time of ovulation than they do at other times of the reproductive cycle. 5. Select the one best completion. Contact between the sperm cell membrane and the egg cell membrane leads to .. .. .. A. release of the cortical granules. B. completion of the second meiotic division. C. creation of the first polar body. D. A + B. E. A + B + C. 6. Select the incorrect statement about the complex that is release from the ovary at ovulation. A. The secondary oocyte is suspended in metaphase. B. The surrounding cells of the corona radiata supply nutrients and other molecules to the secondary oocyte through gap junctions. C. The zona pellucida encircles the oocyte. D. The corona radiata will trap sperm cells so that there are increased numbers of them around the oocyte. E. Sperm cells need to pass through the layer of the corona radiata before they reach the oocyte. 7. Which one of the following contains the somatic cell karyotype of 46 chromosomes (2N)? A. First polar body. B. Spermatogonia. C. The pronucleus. D. Spermatids. E. The secondary oocyte. 2 8. Select the one best completion. Human chorionic gonadotropin .. .. .. A. is not normally detected in the maternal urine during the first week of pregnancy. B. acts on the ovary to prevent regression of the corpus luteum. C. is produced by the inner cell mass. D. A + B. E. A + B + C. 9. Select the incorrect statement about the first two weeks of developm
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