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2010 Quiz Tips (from prof) Ant of Contempt World

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Leslie Jermyn
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ANT204H Study Tips for Quiz
What will be tested: Lecture material (including films) and assigned readings from Sept 15 to
Oct 13.
How to prepare: You should use lecture outlines to tell you what is most important from
lectures and film questions to suggest what you should think about in terms of the films.
Readings overlap to some extent but not perfectly with lectures/films. For each one, you should
main examples. For historical articles, you should know the rough outline of the history presented
though not to the point of memorizing every name and date. Dates listed on lecture outlines are
relevant and worth learning. Broad periods are also important (eg. Industrial Revolution, 1760-
1840, American Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934). You should be able to recognize and identify
the key players in the histories we learned in lectures and readings and know something about
why they are important to the story.
Look for Overlap: It is also a good idea to look for overlap among the readings, eg. Wolf talks
action. Wainaina satirizes writing on Africa and immediately following, Nkunda reproduces
some of those same characteristics. How might Darfur Diaries be another example? How are
Darfur, Haiti and Rwanda products of colonialism of different eras?
Know some specific Concepts: Finally, some readings contain specific terms or arguments that
you should know beyond their general or historical contribution to our understanding. You
should be able to define the terms and think of an example from our case studies (Darfur, Haiti,
Wolf: history as a moral success story
Greene: four conditions of British colonialism (know what they are)
Kloby: colonialism, neocolonialism, examples of versions of colonialism
Gourevitch: Hamitic mythµPLPLFPHQ¶
Robbins on AIDS: signature disease, AIDS space, reasons for travel, ghettoization of AIDS, Haiti
Example, blaming the victim, disease sinks
Farmer: structural violence, gender, race, ethnicity, suffering
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