Film and Tutorial Notes II

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University of Toronto St. George
Leslie Jermyn

Film and Tutorial Notes II June 09, L06 - Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear Why are the Taliban able to regain support among Afghan citizens?Where are they gaining that support? Taliban able to regain support among the people from impoverished areas where the police and the army dont even go. Poor people in the slums wish that they were under the old Taliban regime because back then, the cost of living is much lower. The people can afford to buy food, pay rent, hold down jobs, etc., and young people can easily find jobs. The Afghans have no love for the foreigners, either, especially the victims of careless violence. At onepoint, the point is made that the Taliban only work through fear is that supported by the evidencein the film? The Taliban work through common religious belief and wealth. They promise uneducated new recruits Paradise if they do jihad, and they offer money to the poor for their support. What are occupying forcesdoing to prevent that and are they effective?Where
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