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FAH352 Week 9

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Jane Wolf

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March 21, 2013 Ghostly Sciences Photographing Drama, thoughts and “Vital Forces” Desire to use photography to attempt to show existence of world beyond vision of another world. L.Louis Derget, Photograph of thought (1896) Same technique applied with hope of making photographs of though obtained in similar way subject was suppose to image portrait of Beethoven whose face should be in square. R.Luis Darget, Photograph of dream: the eagle (1896) Photographic form looks a bit like an eagle. How do u photographic a dream that is representational? Conducted series of experiments take photos to paper strap to forehead of scientific subjects through osmosis their dreams would seep out and take representational form onto the surface. Shared fiction btw experimenter and subject negotiate in unspoken ways things that are suppose to be represented in image. Explanatory writing comes with it to help guide u see what the photo is suppose to be of in left graphical addition to outside not photographic element of a square –relates to star map of the heavens from last week which tells us nothing without the grid which speaks to specifically what ur suppose to pay attention to- directs us to the registration of the thought of the person to whom photo paper attached. Darget, V-Rays, Human Radioactivity (1896) –lost photo Darget, Photography of thought: Planet and Satelite (1896) Forms registered looks like a planet and moon what really looks like is 2 circles one bigger than another again has writing attached is a supplement that in a way acknowledges that photo cant serve as evidence of what purports to be without added verbal explanation-again relates to scientific images from last lecture. Bridge images that are both scientific and fundamentally interested in things that cannot be empirically recorded. Hippolyte Baraduc, Photograph of the fluidic nimbus of a medium’s thumb (1893) All life on earth in the world is fundamentally composed of vital force certain kind of energy that coarse through life and animates human beings plants and animals. One of premises of vitalize is force is so palpable that it can be recorded, camera less photograph results from direct content from object represented and representation. Thumb of a medium. Finger print of a medium (someone sensitive able to register kinds of forces vital force of life and case of mediums to register force of death and world beyond and to communicate it to us) although image takes familiar form of fingerprint it is not telling us anything abt the identity of the individual involved but doing opposite person just vessel through which other kinds of forces make themselves apparent. March 21, 2013 Narkiewitsch-Jodko, Spark made on the surface of the body of a prostiture- well washed (1895) In 1890’s series of dubious experiments in which physicist Jodko tried to demonstrate that moral character of individual could be discerned by registering how diff forms of electricity responded to their bodies. Linkage btw ones outer physical form and inner moral state. Spark made on surface of body of prostitute who had been well washed. All 3 sparks look the same –prostitute washed unwashed and innocent schoolgirl. Linkage btw something fundamentally not empirical that is moral falleness of a woman involved in prostitution with some sort of empirical registration on body itself. Narkiewitsch-Jodko, Radiation of a very anaemic young woman 1895 Radiation doesn’t refer to Rodgens rays but vital force human energy that radiates from human body of subject. Woman with blood deficiency disorder-he’s trying to link idea of particular illnesses to question of vital force we are meant to understand that there might be some kind of diagnostic in making these camera less photo in other words particular patterns that show other kinds of disturbances of the human body-relates to last weeks MRI image –to give representational form that is reliable legible to particular variations. Darget, Photograph of fluids obtained by applying fingers to a photographic plate 1899 Scientifically useless aesthetically engaging. Thumb print on bottom ochrey yellow source of light looks as if providing source of light itself. Pushes us to very extreme of somewhat scientific and spiritual photos can do-certainly cant achieve imperial goals devoting themselves to nonetheless interesting forms of representation. Some key features of Spiritualism 1.the human soul is believed to survive after death and is able to communicate with the living 2. it is a system that is modern and scientific, not only religious3. Science can be used to prove the existence of the world beyond, and to derive useful info from the world 4. Alfred to progressive causes like woman’s rights, reconciling science and religion, counteracting the threats of industrialization and technology 5.Insists that photography can capture the invisible, a claim supported by mainstream empirical scientific uses of the medium around this time. Spiritualism draws upon the authority of science generally, and the empirical properties of photography in particular. Spiritualists think woman’s souls survive after death and can communicate with our world from the world inhabited by spirits of the dead. March 21, 2013 Frederick Hudson, Alfred Russel Wallace with the spirit of his mother 1974 Ghostly image of his mother who joins him in the studio-not some prank or fool he is one of most renowned and imp. Scientists of 19 cent. One of renowned achievements was…. Unfortunately he did not publish findings in time but gifted in geology, anthropology and certain early forms of genetics. Photo tells us someone with most sophisticated scientific … isn’t apposed to spiritual photography but had one made. Reates to bottom image how does he make this photo and …. Like many of his spiritual comrades say spiritualism and its photos as science as something n which categories of proof evidence and reason were absolutely in play. Wallace, A Defence of Modern Spiritualism Ost prestigious scientific society in Britain. Author of all natural history and scientific texts William Hope, Séance (1905) Science-one of sorts of events spiritualists became renown for. Strange incursion under table is puff of smoke emerging out of is a human hand abt to reach out and touch them. Shows potential and shortcomings of spiritualism as world view on one hand seems suggesting btw our living world and the dead at the same time points to unselfconscious ridiculousness ppl looking as if kept waiting despite having reservation at restaurant. When photo of them was taken that portal to another world was not visible to them-associated to vulnerable to manipulation by others who wish to confirm beliefs of those who believe they can contact their dear beloved mother. William Mumler: Spirit Photography on Trial Sets up studio in which claims can make photographic representations of visits of departed loved ones to scene of portrait studio eventually after considerable success is taken to court and accused of fraud. He is equated of charge. Mumler, Bronson Murray in a trance, with the spirit of Ella Bonner, 1872. With spirit of his departed lover hovering over his head. Slightly overlapping with him, hands caress shoulders as he is in trance. Formal situation questions-special what space does spirit occupy if both behind and in front of human figure at same time? How hands super imposed over shoulders but he doesn’t feel them? Is it though photo, dream, though bubble or are we meant to understand that they share a physical space for a brief moment? Mumler, Fanny Conant and the spirit of her brother Chas. H. Crowell (recognized by all who knew him) (1879s). Do they attribute to vague form the features of individual they knew? Leading users of photo to conclusion self authenticating preposition photo is confirmed as genuine cuz ppl recognized spirit of deceased brother. March 21, 2013 Mumler, Fanny Conant with spirit arms and hands showering her with flowers (1870s) Vague floral forms to left and right of head. Shortcut to denote linkage btw 2 realms hand reaching out from
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