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Oct 17 Midterm TERMINOLOGY

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Jenny Carson

FAH230H1 Oct 17 Midterm TERMSInternational Courtly Style s a phase triptych altarpiece or devotional of Gothic art which developed in consisting of three wooden panels Burgundy Bohemia France and put togethernorthern Italy in the late 14th fresco Italian word fresh painting century and early 15th centurymade on wet plaster w pigmentsStylistic features are a dignified suspended in water so when the elegance which replaces water dried colours absorbed into monumentality along with rich plaster decorative colouring elongated fresco a secco painting made on dry figures and flowing lines It also plaster faster but less durablemakes a more practised use of oil paintingperspective modelling and setting grisaille monochromatic painting in Figures begin to be given more shades of grey resembling stone space in their settings and interest structure eg Giottos VirtuesVices in is taken in realistically depicted Arena Chapelplants and animals In some works Contrapposto Italian word set above all the famous calendar againstweight on one legother is scenes of the Trs Riches Heures relaxed Suggests that a figure has du Duc de Berry the beginnings of potential for movementeg Donatellos real landscape paintin
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