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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

December 3, 2013 rd AST101 – Lecture 22 (23 class) o largest wobble of a parent star would be with a higher mass and close by  bigger = more gravity, closer = more gravity o Doppler shift (graph curve) estimates mass of a planet (textbook has a boo-boo) o “hot Jupiter” – most radial velocity planets are  lots of the planets observed are closer to their parent star than Jupiter is to the Sun  this is because they have moved inward  chucked out all the terrestrial planets  those planets are “rogue” now  Jovian planets moved in (but will soon evaporate b/c too close to the Sun and only made out of easily-evaporated gases like hydrogen and helium) o What if Ganymede/Europa/Callisto hitched a ride to the Sun with Jupiter (like Jovian planets in other solar systems)?  suddenly, we might have habitable moons! o apparent overabundance of hot Jupiters is another bias becaus
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