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BIO120H1 Study Guide - 555 Timer Ic, Electronic Symbol, Multivibrator

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By: Abilas & Osama
Component Research
4017 IC
Description : An integrated circuit with 16 Pins. It was designed to count pulses. They are often
used in timing circuits and to switch on/off LEDs.
Schematic Symbol :
Operation: The 4017 IC takes a clock pulse in and then outputs in 10 steps. It counts to a certain
number and restarts the count or can stop the count. It can reset at 10 instead of 16, and can make
each count available on each pin of the IC. The pulse from the 555 timer can be used to activate
a 4017 IC. The 555 IC can pulse it at regular intervals, which will cause the designated pin of the
4017 IC to emit current lighting the LED. Another pulse from the 555 IC results in the next pin
of the 4017 IC to emit current.
555 IC
Description : The 555 is an 8pin timer IC. It can be used as a timer which can be controlled by
using a resistor and capicator. It’s most frequently used for generating time delays and pulses.
Schematic Symbol:
Operation: The 555 IC has 2 main modes of operation, which are astable and monostable. In
monostable mode it controls time delay of pulses while in astable mode the it controls the
frequency and duty cycle using 2 resistors and a capictor.
Website :
Description : LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are tiny light bulbs that can fit into an electrical
circuit. They can be controlled by emitting current into the circuit and highering/lowering the
resistance to determine how much power goes through these LEDs
Schematic Symbol:
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