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[Exam Tutorial] CHM139 Term Test 1 Fall 2011 Questions

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University of Toronto St. George

CHM139H (11F) TERM Test No.1 October 18, 2011 1. When an atom is represented by the symbols , what does A represent? a) A is the number of neutrons in the atom. b) A is the mass of the atom in atomic mass units. c) A is the total number of protons and neutrons in the atom. d) A is the number of protons in the atom e) A is none of these 2. What is the Si unit of density? a) g/m 3 3 b) g/cm c) g/mL d) kg/L 3 e) kg/m 3. Tale is a mineral that has many uses, ranging from cosmetics to high-tech ceramics. Elemental analysis shows that 14.35g of tale contains 7.264g of oxygen. Which of the following is the molecular formula of tale? a) Mg Si3O4(O10 2 b) Ca S3 O4(10) 2 c) Na S6 O4(10) 2 d) K Si O (OH) 6 4 10 2 4. Upon addition of 4.93g calcium hydroxide to 0.500L of a 0.0680M aqueous solution of H PO , 3 4 solid Ca3(PO 4 2nd water form. What is the theoretical yield of calcium phosphate in this reaction? a) 10.5g b) 5.27g c) 20.6g d) 26.8g e) 7.41g 5. A hydrogen atom in its ground state absorbs ultraviolet radiation having a frequency of 15 -1 2.94x10 s . What is the principal quantum number of the electron in the atom’s final state? a) n=3 b) n=4 c) n=5 d) n=7 e) n=9 6. Which element possesses all of the following characteristics i. The ground-state electron configuration of its atoms has two unpaired electrons; ii. Aqueous solution of its oxide are acidic; iii. Its atoms have a radius that is larger than that of krypton but smaller than that of xenon. a) Sn b) P c) Hf d) Se e) Sb 7. A sample of propane, C H , has a volume of 32.0L at 42 degree and 1.21 atm. What is its volume 3 3 at STP? a) 25.2L b) 30.6L c) 33.6L d) 37.0L e) 49.2L 8. Determine the root-mean-square speed of methane, CH (g), at 78 degree. 4 a) 23 m/s b) 348 m/s c) 550 m/s d) 667 m/s e) 739 m/s -3 9. Elemental rhodium is the world’s most expensive metal. It has density of 12.4g cm and adopts a face-centred cubic unit cell. Determine the volume of one unit cell of rhodium. a) 5.51x10 nm2 3 -15 3 b) 7.44x10 nm -6 3 c) 2.76x10 nm d) 8.48 nm 3 -2 3 e) 2.76x10 nm 10. Which of the following liquid substances would expect to have lowest surface tension? a) Pb b) CH -O-CH 3 3 c) HO-CH CH2-OH2 d) H O2 e) CH -3-OH 11. What is the mole fraction of NH in 3 16.0 mass % aqueous solution? a) 0.201 b) 0.01
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