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Form produces meaning, results when audience watching the film (cid:862)the o(cid:448)e(cid:396)all set of (cid:396)elatio(cid:374)ships a(cid:373)o(cid:374)g a fil(cid:373)"s pa(cid:396)ts(cid:863) Formal analysis assumes an active perceiver and an art work that provides cues (cid:862)if (cid:455)ou a(cid:396)e a di(cid:396)e(cid:272)to(cid:396) o(cid:396) s(cid:272)(cid:396)ee(cid:374)(cid:449)(cid:396)ite(cid:396), (cid:455)ou face perpetual choices about form. As a (cid:448)ie(cid:449)e(cid:396) (cid:455)ou a(cid:396)e (cid:396)espo(cid:374)di(cid:374)g to it at e(cid:448)e(cid:396)(cid:455) (cid:373)o(cid:373)e(cid:374)t. (cid:863) bordwell and thompson. Form is what connects the film maker to the audience. Meaning is creative in the interactive between film and the audience, a single film has multiple meaning: referential, explicit, implicit, symptomatic. Film can do many things simultaneously and can be read differently by each viewers. Audience are also defined by what we are sharing as cultural content and social values. Form and content are not mutually exclusive; rather, content takes shape through form. Implicitly about the difficulty in film production and the relationships.

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