CLA160H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Praetor, Arval Brethren, Falsifiability

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10 Oct 2012

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Vocabulary: cultus (from colere): from verb meaning to take care/attend to", a group (college) to worship certain deities, e. g. Brethren: compitalia, dea dia, who is associated with ceres, was honored at this festival. Related to the arval: the lares compitalis were minor deities, the counterparts of household gods. They were out at crossroads and neighborhoods and made entire areas of the city sacred. This shows us that gods were everywhere, even in the rural areas. They are important as augustus renames all of them the lares augusti" in a feat of self-promotion: parentalia and lemuria, the dead ancestors, and worship of them. The lemuria were associated with darker spirits as sometimes those who die are not good or benevolent, and will continue on in such a manner. They are the more spooky and ghost-like and had to be appeased: associated with purification, in which people burn sulfur.

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