CLA204H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Trojan War, Zeus, Achilles

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4th century bc expansion of greek empire. Roman empire came in, took over the greek empire. The emperial age: starts with augustus. Mythos : word, speech, conversation, tale, story, narrative can be true or false. Logos : word, speech, meaning, argument, reason, rationality associated with truth ( logic ) Something that has been orally transmitted through decades. A traditional tale with secondary, partial reference to something of collective importance. No specific authors has been passed down. Myths concern general phenomena, something that all people want to know, origin of the cosmos, etc. 2 kinds of memory: living and cultural: living: expands back to just a few generations. In 20 years, people from ww1 would be dead, and the kids there would hear about the war from living people: cultural: cannot be tied to individual. Greek myths in general are told about family, gods, mortals, origin of the cosmos, heroes, animals, all to explain the world.

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