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CLA204H1 Midterm One

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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Hoeschele

CLA204H1S Midterm OneTuesday February 0712ReadingsIliadHomer1110 tells of the beginning of the Trojan war Angering of Apollo against Agamemnon for the abduction of Chryses daughter After her return Agamemnon seizes Achilles geras Briseiscausing Achilles to withdraw from the fighting1188222 Athena coming to stop Achilles from drawing his weapon against Agamemnon because they are both favored by Hera Promised Achilles three times the reward if he desists Uses invective reasoning instead2484493 Call on the Muses of Olympus to recall all those who fought for the Greeks the ship count14153360 Heras deception of Zeus so that Poseidon may partake in the battle to aid the Greeks portrayal of hieros gamos Hera borrows Aphrodites girdle and convinces sleep to overtake Zeus for a short while after they make love Sleep promised marriage to one of the Muses15152 Zeus awakens from being deceived by Hera and threatens her Hera cunningly deceives him and Zeus once more puts the Trojans at an advantage1518693 Division of the world between Zeus Poseidon and Hades Olympus and the Earth common place to all three immortal brothers131731 Poseidon shaker of the Earth prepares to join the Greeks in battle mounts his gold chariot and robes22214305 Prelude to Hectors murder Athenas deceptiontransforming into Hectors brother Deiphobos to fight AchillesHomeric Hymns3a Delian Apollo born in rocky Delos against Mt Cynthos son of Zeus and Leto which no land was willing to acceptLeto suffers for nine days because of Heras jealousy until Eleithia lady of comfort in painful travail comes to her aid
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