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Charts of the Roman names, epithets & iconographies of the Olympian gods

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A Keith

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OlympiadsZeus Roman Name Jupiter Epithet Cloud gatherer hurler of thunderbolts Parents CronusRhea Domain Sky god the highest god in RomanGreek Mortal Children Heracles by Alcemene Castor Polluxs twin by Leda Perseus by Danae MinosRhadamnthys by Europa Aiakos by Aigina Arcas by Callisto ZethosAmphion by Antiope Epaphos by IoImmortal Children ApolloArtemis by Leto Hermes by Maia Persephone by Demeter Dionysos by Semele Athena by Metia Ares Hebe Eileithyia by HeraImmortal Children born to Mortal HelenPolydeuces by Leda MothersSacrifice animals Bull Rule Threatened by Wives Metis Thetis Monsters Typhoeys serpent coils instead of feet The Giants rebelled against Zeus ruleorder against all the godsIconography Lightning indicates an appearance of him temples made where lightning struck His weapon is the thunderbolt EagleHera Roman Name Juno Name Meaning Horaseason Epithet Coweyed whitearmed Parents CronusRhea Domain Hera Argeia
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