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Regina Hoschele

Heracles  Grandson of Perseus  Has 4 names (on the slideshow)  Born between Alkemene (tall and beautiful) and Zeus (disguised as her husband)  Alkemene was pregnant with two boys at the same time: Heracles( from Zeus) and Ephocles  Hera who hated Heracles, sends a serpent to the mother and the infant Heracles. While the mother is frightened, Heracles singlehandedly strangles the serpent  Heracles means „Hera‟s glory‟- isn‟t it ironic?  Further interaction with Hera: 2 possible stories 1. That when Hera saw a child all by himself, she felt bad and nursed him 2. That when Hera was sleeping, Zeus took Heracles and breastfed him to Hera‟s milk so that he can be immortal. However, Heracles being the strong guy he is sucked too hard and when Hera pushed him away, milk went everywhere and made…………… The milky way.  1 wife: Megra Labour (atonement) of Heracles 1. Nemean Lion  Bring the skin of the undefeatable Nemean Lion  Help form the gods: Hermes gave him a sword and Apollo gave him bow and arrows  Heracles first shoots the lion with arrows and soon finds out that it has no effect on him  So he wrestles with him bare hand and wins  From now on, Lion skin becomes the iconic symbol of Heracles 2. Lernaean Hydra  히드라: multiple heads (9). Heracles is told to kill this monster  Every time Heracles cut one head, two would grow back out.  Iola‟s help: every time Heracles cut one of Hidra‟s head, Iola 가 불로 지져버림 3. Ceryneian Hind  Heracles is told to capture a sacred deer  He chases the deer for a year  He finally captures it but on his way back, he meets Artemis and Apollo who are very angry that their sacred deer has been captured  Heracles asks for their forgiveness and promises that he‟ll return the deer 4. Erymanthian Boar  Centaurs Pholus entertains Heracles  They drink wine. When Heracles opens a barrel of wine, it attracts all the centaurs that are wild and they start attacking Heracles  Heracles 처리함.  Erymanthian Boar that was being a nuisance- Heracles was told to take care of it.  Heracles brings the boar back to Euretheus and seeing the monster, Euretheus was so scared that he hid in a jar 5. Augean Stables  Clean the stable that has not been cleaned for 30 years  It was meant to embarrass Hercules and at the same time be impossible for him to complete  Heracles suggests that he will do it for 10% of the cattle  Heracles divert the Alpheus and Peneus rivers to wash out the stables  When the task was done, the king Augeus refuses to provide the promised 10% of the cattle  The King‟s son, Phyelus, supports Heracles. Heracles then kills the king and Phyelus comes to the throne 6. Stymphalian Birds  Birds that were scattered because of the fear of being eaten by a beast 7. Cretan Bull  Poseidon‟s Bull? Or bull that carried Europa  Heracles fought it and brought it back 8. Mares of Diomedes  Man eating horses  Bistones: Heracles fought them and killed Diomedes 9. Belt of Hippolyta  Admata (daughter of Euretheus) wanted the belt of the amazonian queen Hippolyta ( A Midsummer night‟s dream 에서도 나온 히폴리타)  White skin people wearing armors: Whenever this is found in artworks, it means that they are 1. Women and 2. Amazonian warriors 10. Cattle of Geryon  Geryon: descendent of the Ocean. Was 3 men grown together  When on the mission, Heracles had to cross a desert. He was so annoyed at the heat, he shot an arrow to the sungod Helios. Helios, moved by his courage, presented him with a goblet.  Heracles slays Orthrus  Geryon vs. Heracles: Heracles kills Geryon with the arrow that has poison from Hydra on it Although it was supposed to be 10 labours, because he got others‟ help in two of the labours, he had to do 2 additional labours 11. Apple of Hesperides
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