Week 5: Women and Rhetoric Detailed and extensive notes on Women and Rhetoric, given by a guest lecture. Notes are again both from class and from additional notes I made while studying for the exam, that were gleaned from the lecture recordings. Includes

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Melanie Racette- Campbell

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October 28 2010Women and RhetoricOur modern understanding of rhetoric is not quite the same as the ancients way of understanding itWhat is RhetoricTo the ancients it was the art of speaking persuasively ORATORYOratorypublic speakingThe art of speaking or writing effectivelyMerriamWebsterOratory public speakingTraditionally split into 3 categoriesForensicLegal speechesDeliberative Political speechesEpideicticShowoff speeches funeral orations etcRhetoricOratory as a SourceThis is difficult because anyone that gets up to speak in front of a group of people has a goal and they words they chose to use are aiming towards that goal And so what they say and the truth arent necessarily the same thing Facts from forensiclegal speeches much be approached carefullyProsPortrays situations that would be difficult to find in other literary sourcesForensic oratory and oratory in general will bring up some topics that you might not necessarily encounter anywhere elseMust be believable to the audience must ring true Must have some semblance of truth or factthat you may manipulateCant just make up the factsCan give us a vivid impression of the ideals and values held by the speaker and the audienceThings reflecting the ideals of a society ring true moreConsSelfserving cannot be taken at face value all the timeEverything thats said is said for a purposethink of WHY things are mentionedAlmost exclusively androcentricMen talking about women men quoting women which probably wasnt even said by a womanetc
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