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CSC165H1Y Homework Exercise # 8 Summer 2012 Worth: 3% Due: By 3 pm on Tuesday August 7. 1. The following is one of possible implementation of insertion sort: # Precondition: A is a list of n numbers and n = len(A) 1. for i in 0, 1, ..., n-1: 2. for j in i-1, i-2, ..., 0: 3. if A[j] < A[j+1]: 4. tmp = A[j] 5. A[j] = A[j+1] 6. A[j+1] = tmp 7. else 8. break Give a tight bound on the worst-case running time of the above algorithm, and write a detailed proof that your bound is correct. 2 Let us call the worst-case runtime for the above algorithm W(n). Then W(n) 2 ▯(n ). This is equivalent to saying that W(n) 2 O(n ) ^ W(n) 2 (n ), so we can prove both parts separately. W(n) 2 O(n ) () 9c 2 R ;9B 2 N;8n 2 N;n ▯ B ) W(n) ▯ cn 2 Let I be a set of valid inputs to the algorithm. Let t(x) be the time taken by the algorithm on an input x. (Note: this nomenclature is standard in this course, so it can be used without explicit introduction). W(n) is the biggest value of t(x) over inputs x of size n. So, W(n) ▯ cn 2 () 8x 2 I;(size(x) = n) ) t(x) ▯ cn 2 So, we want to prove the following: + 2 9c 2 R ;9B 2 N;8n 2 N;n ▯ B ) 8x 2 I;(size(x) = n) ) t(x) ▯ cn Assume n 2 N and n ▯ 0 Assume A is an array of numbers, and size(A) = n Then, the outer loop would execute n times. For each of these executions, the inner loop would execute no more than n times. (usually, much less, but we only need a bound here) Each execution of the inner loop would take no more than 5 steps: executing lines 2-6, or 2,7-8. 2 2 So, t(A) ▯ n(1 + 5n) = n + 5n ▯ 6n Then, 8x 2 I;(size(x) = n) ) t(x) ▯ 6n 2 Then, 8n 2 N;n ▯ 0 ) 8x 2 I;(size(x) = n) ) t(x) ▯ 6n 2 + # Now, use Existential Introduction, take B = 0, 0 2 N, and c = 6, 6 2 R Then, 9c 2 R ;9B 2 N;8n 2 N;n ▯ B ) 8x 2 I;(size(x) = n) ) t(x) ▯ cn 2 Then, W(n) 2 O(n ) 2 Note: there are many ways of counting lines for the algorithm. We may or may not count the last execution of the for loop, the implicit \goto" in the if-statement, etc. Any reasonable and consistent way is ok, and should give the same bound. Dept. of Computer Science, Un
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