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University of Toronto St. George
Computer Science
Matt Medland

CSC302 Midterm NotesIntroductionWhat makes a software system largeSomething that is not a spike and is intended for end usersreleased Can benefit and is not hindered by proper practices unit testing agile etcUsing software tools eg eclipse is not overkill for the projectBasically anything non trivialModelingWhy build modelsModeling can guide your explorationoHelps you figure out what questions to askoReveals key design decisionsoHelp uncover problemsHelps check our understandingoReason about the model and understand its consequencesoAnimate the model to help visualize software behaviourHelps us communicateoProvides useful abstractions that focus the point you want to makeWithout overwhelming detailsThrowaway modellingoThe exercise of modelling is more important than the model itselfoTime spend perfecting model might be wastedDealing with problem complexityAbstractionoIgnore details to see big pictureoBewareevery abstraction involves choice over what is importantDecompositionoPartitioning a problem into independent pieces to study separatelyoBewareThe parts are rarely independent reallyProjectionoSeparate different concerns views and describe separatelyoDifferent from decompositiondoes not partition problem spaceoBewareDifferent views will be inconsistent most of the timeModularizationoChoose structures that are stable over time to localize changes oBewareAny structure will make some changes easier and others harderModeling NotationObject Classes in UML
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