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language speech teaching doctrineZhuangzi has three traits of languages 1 Yu yanAllegorical or metaphorical words used to create a story2 Chong yanRepeated words past words put into mouths of others to form an interpretive discourse3 Zhi yanGoblet words meaning changes according to the contextfasting of the mind Emptiness is the fasting of the mind self cultivationThis involes a mediatiational practice of sitting and forgettingEmpty peoples mind and spirit quell articulated thought and the Dao will gather thereZhuangzi Steps to be free are 1 Forget benevolence and righteousness the self 2 Forget ones body ritual propriety and music 3 Fasting of the mind xinzhai4 Sit in forgetfulness zuowang Sit in forgetfulness is fasting of mind to interiorize Daoraw substance and cultural patternsRaw substanceBasic substance or dispositionConfucius notes the need to refine or socialize ones disposition through culture patterns nourish ones lifeA w
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