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Assignment 3Olivier Blanchard David Johnson Macroeconomics Chapter 3 Questions 1 2 3 4 5 and 6Solution set3Disclaimer These solutions are just guidelines for you and may NOT include a complete solution for the questions and problems in your homework as you must present in your assignments andor examsIn your solutions you must show your work and demonstrate your line of thinking clearlyPlease always check my calculations for unintentional typos or miscalculations Chapter 3 Q1aTrue b FalseTransfers are not included in G cFalseIt is between zero and oned Truee FalseDemandSupplyOutput where demand includes private consumption government spending investment and net export f FalseEquilibrium output increases by the multiplier factor 11c1 G ZY Chapter 3 Q2Z aC Z40006Y Z C GIZ 160 06Y100 150 150IZ40006 Y Equilibrium ConditionZY Line ZY
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