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ECMB12SL30 and L60 Quantitative Methods in Economics II Division of Management and Economics University of Toronto at Scarborough Winter 2010 Dr Yu Final ExaminationDate Wednesday April 21 2010Time allowedTwo 2 hoursAids allowed Calculator and two aid sheets four 85x11 pages prepared by student NotesThis exam consists of 22 questions in 13 pages including this cover pageIt is the students responsibility to hand in all pages of this examAny missing page will get zero markStatistical tables are provided separatelyDo not hand in the tablesOnly hand in your test papersShow your work in each question in Part IIThis exam is worth 40 of your course gradePrint Last Name SolutionGiven Names Student Number Circle your Section L30 Wednesday eveningL60 online Defer Exam Circle your instructors name from below QuanTrippen Other please specifyDo not write on the space below for markers only Page Question Max Mark 26 118 5478 19 109 20 101011 21 101213 22 16Total 100 1Part IMultiple Choice3 points in each question No part mark Circle only one answer If there are more than one correct answer circle the best one1 Suppose 450 is to be tested againstat the pH450pH014 level 01of significance where p is the probability of getting a yes vote in a population If the sample size is 200 the smallest number of yes votes that will causeH0to be rejected is closest toa 85b 90c 94 d 98e 102 2 Consider 10H and 10H whereis the mean of a Normal 0apopulationA sample of size 16 is selected from this population and the sample standard deviation is calculated as 137The null hypothesis will be rejected at 5 significance level if a The sample mean is less than 927 b The sample mean is less than 940c The sample mean is less than 944d The sample mean is less than 927 or greater than 1073e The sample mean is less than 944 or greater than 10663 Suppose 0H is tested against 0H whereandare 1221021a22 and225the means of two normal populations with variances 22512nnrespectivelyTwo independent random samples with sizes 18 and 18 are 12selectedDenote the sample means by X and Y respectively The smallest value for XY that will lead to the rejection ofat a 5 significance level is H0closest toa 1645 b 196c 8225d 84545e 982S be the variance of a random sample of size 25 from a population that is 4 Let Normal with mean 3 and standard deviation 10 Find the probability 27292151701857SP is closest toa 01b 03c 05d 07 e 092Sn24729215112470185727292151701857SP SolutionP222101022415368484313P415368484313P095005090 2
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