ENG140Y1 Study Guide - Albert Camus, They Wait, Black Sheep

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12 Dec 2012

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Course code eng 140y1 date: october 21, 2011. 1967- some cubans loaded a screen onto a truck showing peasants chaplin"s modern times. This was the first movie they had ever seen. They laughed and enjoyed it even though they probably had never seen a factory before. 1957- worried actors are waiting in california penitentiary because they are about to present. Waiting for godot (where nothing happens and there are no women). They expect them to be confused and angered, however to the convicts it made sense and they liked it. Was it to be laughter or tears?it came to the same thing in the end. There is an unpretentious tone in the characters. There are no words at all chaplin. In january 1953 when the play first came out it was very controversial people walked out. In england someone yelled this is why we lost the colonies. There are two homeless people talking about existence.

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