ENG140Y1 Study Guide - Castaway, Gregory Rabassa, Execution By Firing Squad

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12 Dec 2012

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Assigned reading: the most beautiful drowned man in the world. In 1955 gabriel garcia marquez wrote his first novella leaf storm. It takes place in a fictional village called macondo which is based on his own village, the one he grew up in columbia. Leaf storm takes place in half an hour on a wednesday. It starts with a death, a man hangs and it ends with his funeral. As we recall from things fall apart, that piece of artwork ends with okonkwo hanging. American companies the bananas are a metaphor for colonialism. In 1967 marquez writes a hundred years of solitude. It is the same village of macondo only it takes. It starts off with a death and ends with a man eaten by ants. One of the most memorable lines look at the mess we got ourselves into just because we asked a gringo to eat bananas with us.

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