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Nick Mount

English 140Y1Literature for Our TimeProfessor Nick Mount Lecture1 IntroductionWhy are we hereTo search for the TRUTH Your truth may be different than my truth We are here to fill or desires The historian speaks of what has happened the poet of the kind of thing that can happen Hence also poetry is a more philosophical and serious business than history Aristotle Poetics c 330 BC The great instrument of moral good is imagination Percy B Shelley Defence of Poetry 1840httpwwwbrysonsnetacademicshelleyhtmlnot on curriculum its just for further information If I step out my front doorElaine Scarry On Beauty and Being Just 1999httpwwwtannerlecturesutahedulecturesdocumentsscarry00pdffor further reading if one chooses to Art models SocietyArt appeals to our senses it is better at communicating abstract principles Every field uses stories It makes sense to listen to stories because the truth is a story in progress Our students have lost the practice of and the taste for readingAllan Bloom The closing of the American Mind 1987 Mark Bauerlein The Dumbest Generation Readers make literature happen LiteratureSocial Power TS ELIOTPRUFROCKHe uses everyday speech At first this poem was rejected from publishing houses and they replied saying it was insanity Poetry today looks like TS Eliots What was poetry supposed to look like before TS Eliot Slide a poem by William Wordsworth18071It is a beauteous evening calm and free2The holy time is quiet as a Nun3Breathless with adoration the broad sun4Is sinking down in its tranquility5The gentleness of heaven broods oer the Sea6Listen the mighty Being is awake7And doth with his eternal motion make8A sound like thundereverlastingly9Dear child dear Girl that walkest with me here
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