Book Summaries for Paradise Lost

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University of Toronto St. George
Helen Hatton

Paradise Lost January-14-11 11:03 PM Significant Themes and Topics Redefining the epic Redefining heroism Is God actually good? Is Satan evil? Obedience and subordination Obedience to God Power dynamics; the nature of power Similarities between Milton and Satan; Milton and Eve Critique of past forms of prose o Petrachanism Serpent uses Petrarchan language to appeal to Eve to get her to eat the fruit and cause the downfall of mankind Eve also seems to embrace this Wants Adam to love only her, doesnt want another Eve to come along and replace her Pride Free Will Redemption o And how it is earned Important Passages Prologues o Book 1 lines 1-26 Milton invokes Muse of the Holy Spirit; not a traditional Muse; claims it is a better muse than the traditional muses used by famous epics of the past (i.e. Aeneid, Iliad, Odyssey) Aligns himself with Moses, who received the Ten Commandments; show the justice of Gods ways to men Wants to rise above the traditional muses o Book 3 lines 1-55 Satan and Milton are both on a journey from darkness to light; so is the journey of Adam and Eve, Paradise lost and regained Compares himself to classical blind seers but also Satan (who is blinded by his pride) Through inspiration of the Holy Spirit and his blindness will tell of things invisible to mortal sight o Book 7 lines 1-39 Invokes Muse Urania (not typically a muse) Wants to surpass ancient tradition
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