Dream of the Rood

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Carroll Balot

Dream of the RoodUnknownin dreamvision speaking to cross on which Jesus was crucified narrator has vision of the cross covered in gems stained with bloodCrucifixion story told from perspective of cross humiliation at the hands of those who changed it from tree to instrument of punishment for criminals its humility when the young hero Christ mounts it and its pride as the restored tree of gloryResurrection just like christ cross is resurrected with gold and silverLiterary TermsUbi Sunt meditation on mortality and lifes transienceEX The WandererRune poem of mysterious significance Epic lengthy narrative poem Allegory communicates message by means of symbolic figures actions or symbolic representationThe WandererElegiac verse mourn of deadreflects on life while in exile degeneration of earthly glory contrasting theme of salvation through faith in God Ubi sunt sense of lossnd2 Shepherds Playmystery play dramatization of episode from bible ram in cradle is horned with snout devilas evil enters world good will be brought forth to conquer itDoctor FaustusMarloweF tragic hero character leads to his downfallClown vs Faustus Like Faustus these clowns use magic to summon demons Faustus is grand and ambitious and tragic vs low and common and absurd seeking mutton and the ability to turn into a mouse or a rat vs world power or fantastic wealth As the play progresses Faustuss grandeur diminishessinks down toward the level of the clownsdegradation precedes damnationall questions point to god but instead makes pact with the
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