Midterm Study Guide- Listening Lists the listening examples for the first 6 weeks of class and explains detailed information on each one

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James Kippen

LISTENING SAMPLES FOR FIRST TERM Western Music Happiness is a Warm Gun The Beatles 1968 He found this from a gun magazine Sexual connotations like bang shoot discharge a load Static opening melody and harmony More like 3 songs put into one because even the time signature changes Part 1Static opening melodyharmony Two IVI shifts Metric changes 44 to 64 to 44 to 54 Part 2Radical shift in style acid rockbluesAAm mixC Changes of meter 98 128 98 108 Part 3Stability after daring harmonies and adventurous metric shiftsCAmFGCommon time with shift to 128 for an almost waltz like feelRange of creative sources and musical styles levels of complexity Autobiographical Song pieces together fragments dealing with Lennons obsessions experiences and lyrics from a variety of sources Im a Loser The Beatles 1964 Lennon was extremely depressed his father left when he was two mother died when he was 17 raised my a strict aunt best friend died of brain hemorrhage got girlfriend pregnant and married but very unhappy relationship This song is about himself and his own mental state in a song that is essentially about a relationship NB wordpainting effects Harmonicaacoustic sound influenced by Bob DylanJulia The Beatles White 1968 Lennon still working out insecurities Song to his mother beautiful touching words inspired by poem Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran 1 Static melody and 2 daring unpredictable harmonic shifts Ocean child This is Yokos name so is this song really about his mother or his girlfriend Yoko He found emotional security with her and they became utterly obsessed with each other
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