GGR100H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Doreen Massey (Geographer), Biomedical Model, Health Geography

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Bio-medical/western: absence of disease, all about treatment not prevention, measured by its absence. Holistic model: takes person as a whole, health is a state of complete mental and social well being, the person as a whole. Wellness model: health is a resources for everyday life, emphasizes social/personal resources and physical capabilities, health is a resource you draw on to get through things (like a tool kid) Social determinants of health: social factors that help you in health, always changing, each society different s. d. o. h. Illness: subjective experience of person how someone feels: holistic model. Disease: diagnosis of recognized symptoms: bio-medical model. I: # of new cases w/in given time interval (what we will have: p: # of people with the disease at one point in time (what we have right now) Acute: starts suddenly, last only a few days. Infectious: cause by organisms that can move between people.