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Silvia D' Addario

GGR124 Urbanization,Contemporary CitiesandUrbanLife Week 9 Migration and the changing city How does migration shape the geography of the city? GlobalizationandMigration • Migration and Globalization Estimated number of Percentage of the world's international migrants population who are worldwide migrants Migrants would constitutePercentage of migrants the fifth most populous worldwide who are women country in the world Estimated remittances sent Estimated remittances sent by migrants in 2009 by migrants to developing countries in 2009 Internally displaced persons Estimated number of in the world in 2009 refugees in the world today IOM, 2010 Increasingspatialextent (’90-’00) Immigrantdestinations Inflows of Permanent migrants, 2006 Keeley, 2009 DiverseMigrationPatterns MigrationisTransnational Ron Levi: TheStateandInternationalMigration PUSH / PULL Factors • What factors promote out migration? • What factors attract migrants? • What about cities? Photos: TheCanadianContext CIC, 2008 Phase 2 Phase 4 Phase 3 Phase 1 CanadianImmigration • Key characteristics • Race restriction/European selection • Exclusionary policies (Chines head tax, Continuousjourney) • Market forces determine migration – Tap ON/Tap OFF • Important changes • Universal selection system (1967) • From Race base to skill base • Changes the ethno-composition of Canadians • Immigration Act (1976) • Points system and four classes of migrants • Business Program (1978) • Entrepreneurs and Investors • Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act (2001) • Pr
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