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Deborah Leslie

GGR221H1 S New Economic Spaces Deborah LeslieCourseOutline GGR221H1 S M24 Page 1 Lecture 1 Jan 04 2010 GGR221H1 SDeborah Leslie wwwutorontocaculturaleconomydeborahleslieutorontocaPortalProfessors interestsCommodity chains are part of a new approach in Economic Geography and involves picking a commodity and tracing it through its production through its marketing and promotion right through to its consumptionRichard FloridaLiberty Village TorontoCirc du Soleil geographic strategiesMidterm is based on short definitions and miniessay questions Will cover the work up until that weekFinal exam will be similar to the midterm but it will mainly just be essay questions and you will have some choice as to which essay questions to answer in thatRequired reading Course reader 34 articles have changed from last reader Check onlineResources industriesPrimary sector activitiesAn example is forestryThen move on to the secondary sectorlooking at industrial organization and restructuring looking heavily at the automobile industryFinally we look at the tertiary or q industry Look at informational services Research and knowledge based servicesFinally we will look at a variety of themes relating to all these sectors But for most of the course it will be organized around these 3 areas of the economyAssignmentThe goal of the assignment is to pick a manufactured commodity Not food Something interesting or quirky Interesting or meaningful to you Something that you own or purchased possibly but doesnt strictly speaking have to be a commodity that you ownExamples the clean canteen stainless steel bottles that have been developed recently against water bottles Canadian ethical diamonds Livestrong yellow wristbands AK47 assault rifle and the ways in which it has been used American ApparelA few academic sources are minimumAfter the introduction then talk about commodity chains as a theoretical approach to Economic Geography And talk about some of the key conceptsNeed to supplement those academic sources with more popular sources newspaper articles etcBrief Introduction to Economic GeographyFocus of the courseRecent changes in the Canadian economyNew theoriesWhat is economic geographyConcerned with WHERE economic activities are located Location of different types of economic activities and the implications of those locational patterns for regions It is also very interested in power and the relationships between places in the global economy Where is power located and similarly where is it ABSENT in this world economy The economies of particular regions and economic relationships between placesEconomic geography really began as did geography more generally in a kind of problematic way Geography as a discipline has its origins in imperialism and in particular in the United Kingdom where geographers first emerged as sort of servants of the state Their goal was to map the location ofGGR221H1 S M24 Page 2 geographers first emerged as sort of servants of the state Their goal was to map the location of RESOURCES in various countries around the world that could then be expropriated and exploited by colonial powers Thats really geographys origins its always been about detailing WHERE economic activities WHERE resources are located and initially involved and wrapped up these very problematic relationshipsYou can see that in some ways the basic questions of geography where are economic activities located WHY and what implications does it have they have LONG RESONATED in the discipline they havent changed all that much in many waysKarl Andree quote slide 4Where are things produced slide 5Under what conditionsSO there is an interest in HOW they are produced and the labor processes that create those products There is a concern with the LOCATION of production and HOW it isHow is it that good produced in one place ends up at another By what meansSo there is an interest in the kind of NETWORKS communication transportation and otherwise that CONNECT that commodity that ENABLE that commodity to flow through these often INTERNATIONAL NETWORKSAnd who buys themWhat how where why and so whatIn other words what are the implications of these product processes What are the consequences for people for workers for communities also for ENVIRONMENTS and for inanimate actors in these networksDistinct from economic less abstract and generalizingGeography mattersWe are not just concerned about economic processes but were really concerned about WHERE they are WHY does that matter why there is that particular type of configuration so there is a really concern with HOW geography mattersLocation location location this underscores how important location is to commercial success or economic successBUT Geographers are interested more broadly in HOW location mattersThings unfold across and over space and that matters to HOW they unfoldI realized that I spent my whole professional life thinking and writing about economic geography without being aware of it Paul Krugman Economist NY TimesCentral geographical concepts space place and scalesee Coe Kelly and Yeung 2007Space an area of the earths surface physical distanceAbstract conceptFour componentsA Territoriality and form So it refers to kind of the boundaries of a place city or region or country It refers to lines to points on a map and that kind of thing To jurisdiction as well so all of this we think of as SPACEB Location within space In particular we think of space as encompassing the kind of coordinates of a location and the coordinates in relation to another location So we think of coordinates in RELATIVE TERMS How one place may be located with reference to another place But here we also think of the characteristics of the location as well NOT ONLY its relative location BUT what is the climate of that place the soil the environment the landscape the features of those locations this is part of space as wellC Flows across space Movement of commodities or workers or other forms of information ACROSS SPACE and we think of FLOWS and NETWORKS as being part of space and the tools that you would need to understand the economyThey are also in interested in the POWER RELATIONS between places around the world and in particular Coe Kelly and Yeungargue that in a capitalist economy many of these relationships are UNEQUAL so its about understanding UNEQUAL and UNEVEN relations between placesThe prosperity of Canada could only be possible by the poverty of other places around the world They say that there is an INHERENT inequality an unevenness to the geographies contemporary capitalismGGR221H1 S M24 Page 3
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