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GGR223H1 Final: Week 9

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Alana Boland

Week 9: A question of change? 1. The first climate refugees? The island nation of Tuvalu is being used as evidence for climate change and Tuvaluans are being defined by the narrative of climate change refugees. 2. Climate change refugees is a term that has been produced to represent the large number of people, predicted to be permanently or temporarily displaced by climate change effects such as drought, desertification, deforestation, soil erosion, water shortages and rising sea levels. a. The term climate refugee seems to produce this idea that the changing climateenvironment is the single factor forcing the displacement of these people. b. it is often institutional and human response, and the economic or social circumstances of a marginalised population, that can turn a situation like a drought or a flood into a disaster c. Creates this idea that climate change refugees move from the developing to the industrialized developed world. d. The production of climate change refugees is harmful as it victimizes and disempowers the identity of these so called vulnerable people. e. Climate refugee policies are not enough, instead a more forward approach to land based adaptation strategies needs to be taken. 3. Climate change tourism . Melting glaciers, stranded polar bears, and disappearing islands seem to provide tangible signifiers through which climate change can be made knowable to those unfamiliar with scientific climate models. a. These images help to produce the climate change crisis. b. Tuvaluans are used as voices for the climate change movement. c. Operating on the basis that Tuvalu is a microcosm of the threat that we all face in the near or long term . . . a model of environmental sanity and greater selfsufficiency would not only create the most positive kind of example to the world, it would also solve some of Tuvalus most pressing waste and energy problems. The idea is to start from this tiny example to develop a program of constructive action one which is replicable and likely to garner the necessary media attention d. Climate change movement as compelled by crisis (fleeing refugees) 4. Climate Change discourses in Tuvalu: . Community Discourse: i.It rejects the idea that the solution is simply to move the populations of island nations. ii.Instead prioritization needs to focus on decreasing emissions. iii.Stop labeling Tuvaluans as vulnerable victims. a. Government Discourse on climate change in Tuvalu:
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