Forging a Canadian Nation - Lecture 3

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 3 January 27 2011 Forging a Canadian Nation Slide 1Forging a Nation y What does this mean y Define nation and country Nation refers to people a people that have a common culture something that unifies them Country is a political was created from politics U cant have a nation without country and you cant have a country without nation They are both artificial creation Both require a join of some kind of groups and so ony Why is this definition significant How this come above what were the forces how did we achieve all thisSlide 2Canada and US shouldnt have separated since both countries share same geographical regions NORTH to SOUTH orientation Slide 3 PreConfederation Period y Impact of the American War of Independence Most of the stuff are the reactions of what is happening in North America Once the Britain lost is colony it became weak y Simcoes Upper Canada Loyalist Settlers American immigration War of 1812Immigration reconsideredThe British wanted to create a system that would strongly be loyal to the crown Therefore they needed settlers that would fit into this considerationSlide 4First group of loyalist were settled in southern Ontario close to the borders of US The border between US and Canada used to be losen and people would come to Canada because land was cheap hereIf we lost the war between Canada and US we would have be AmericanSimcoe law therefore pushed in to immigration to gather more people The majority of the Canadian population was British they brought from all part of England and some from Germany What happens is that those people had accessed to the best land to start their own society Slide 5 y Population and distributionthe population before confederation was very small such a vast land and it was distributed unevenlyeg people living in Atlanic region close to the lakes and then along St Lawrence river
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