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Damian Dupuy

GGR 270 Introductory Analytical Methods Assignment 3 Due Date: November 29th, 2012 IN CLASS Constructing a Methodology for Statistical Analysis In this assignment, you will construct a statistical methodology for a research problem, drawing on many of the themes/issues related to statistical analysis that you have met in class over the past term. In doing so, the assignment will provide you with an approach to using statistical techniques that could be used in a term paper, as part of a research proposal, or even form the basis of a methodology chapter for an undergraduate thesis. To complete this assignment, you will do the following:  Define a research problem. You will clearly identify a research problem from physical or human geography. For example, this may be an examination of R&D activity in digital media firms in Ontario, or an analysis of air quality across the Greater Toronto Area. The research problem must be clearly stated and take up approximately one paragraph.  Based on your research problem, you will outline a number of specific research questions that could be tested formally using a classic hypothesis approach. You do not need a
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