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GGR107H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Malnutrition

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Charles Z Levkoe
Study Guide

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Exam Review Lecture 1
The act of putting food into your mouth is to engage in a system of global
Food impacts health and health related diseases
Caroline Steele Ted talk: about how food shapes cities
Expansion of farmer’s markets
Engaging us on the impacts on our decisions
Why Food
Food us the central human experience
Not JUST food deals with social geography and life
Food is an organizing concept
Consider different concepts about eating food
History of food production
After WWII there was an increased demand for food production
Large quantities of food for cheap prices
There are negative impacts
Tanks were turned into trackers
Bomb chemicals turned into pesticides
Impacts of modern food system (Course Themes)
Social justice: social and material inequity
o Hunger is at a historic high
o 1/6 are hungry
o There are more than enough food per person
Environment: human and ecological systems and biodiversity
o Environmental concerns: grain are turned into monocultures
o Farming uses fossil fuels creating greenhouse emissions
Community health: economic and social conditions that shape individual
and community health
o Health diseases such as cancer, diabetes
o Malnutrition
Democracy: public participation and decision making
o Limited space for public decision making
o Hour glass with farmers at the top, corporations in the middle and
consumers at the bottom
Food through a lens
Analyzing food through a lens
Food can be political and personal
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