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GGR107H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Neocolonialism, Food Sovereignty, Multinational Corporation

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Charles Z Levkoe
Study Guide

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Exam Review Lecture 7
Lecture 7
! The Global Industrial Food System
! Part 1: Food and (Unequal/uneven) Development
Concept of development
Thinking about ideas that are created development and undeveloped
Improving and changing to modern
Uneven development in terms of... distribution of resources
! Graph shows uneven distribution in income
North America and Europe has three times the average income
Uneven development
Wages and labour conditions
Production capacity (e.g. raw material extraction versus manufacturing)
Environmental regulation
Access to economic/ political remedy
! Ways of Understanding Development and Dependency
Modernization Theory: (Rostow 1959)
o Looks at the internal factors of countries
o Divides countries into developed and undeveloped
o Identify all countries have similar stages of development
Dependency Theory (Gunder Frank 1966)
o Exploitation of resources
o Identify satellite countries develop from core countries
Postcolonial Theory (Said 1993)
o The introduction of combining theories
! Uneven development: Why?
1. Legacy of colonialism
2. Continuing disparities in trade, power
3. Fundamental to capitalism
! Colonialism
A form of territorial expansion (extensive)
Has had an enormous impact on recent history (15th century+)
Processes of Colonialism
1940s in USA and Japan
Economic: unequal exchange (exploitation and dependence)
Political: administration and subordination of indigenous peoples
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